Online Skills Assessments

In order for us to recommend you a course which fits your current skills abilities please choose on of the assessments below and complete them.

Please note you must be registered as a user on the site and logged in to complete any assessment. Please register here.

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  1. Choose an assessment and click on the link (the name)
  2. When the assessment comes up please fill it in as follows:-
    • All fields which say (required) must be filled in.
    • Questions with options that have circles before the answers can only have one answer selected.
    • Questions with options that have squares before the answers can have multiple answers selected at once.
    • Text boxes or text areas (i.e. white boxes which you can fill in require you to tpe into them).
    • At the end of the form you must tick the check box accepting our terms or you cannot click the send button.
    • Once you are done and you click the send button we will receive your submission and contact you
    • Please ensure your contact details including email and phone number are correct.