Excel Level 1


This course will teach you Level 1 Excel Skills aimed at corporate employees.

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Course Info

This course will teach you level 1 Excel skills.


Lesson 1 – Getting to Know the Environment
Overview of the Excel interface
Opening a file
Navigate in a worksheet
Working with data
Selection methods
Entering data
Editing cell content
Saving a file
Printing Basics
Lesson 2 – Planning and Creating a Spreadsheet
Planning a worksheet
Create a new spreadsheet
Creating formulas using mathematical operators
Inserting and deleting columns and rows
Deleting cell ranges
Using functions in formulas
Order of operations
Formatting a worksheet
Lesson 3 – Worksheet Management and 3-D Formulas
Viewing and zoom options
Freeze panes
Relative formulas
Insert function review
Named ranges
Absolute formulas
Navigate multiple worksheets
3-D formulas
Lesson 4 – Graphics and Printing
What are the graphic elements in Excel?
Drawing tools
Print preview/page layout view/Page setup
Page breaks
Printing a range
Other printing options