Soft Skills

When it comes to being successful in the business world, more is involved than just the technical knowledge of how to use computers and software. An entire range of additional business skills are necessary in order to succeed, and unlike technical skills training, business skill training is not as readily available.

MCTC has long recognized the importance of what are known as soft skills in the business environment, and with our dedication to giving learners the opportunity to acquire all the skills they need, we offer a range of soft skill training courses designed to help you operate effectively in the modern office environment.

Our expertise in the following is offered:

Courseware Topics Hours
Leadership & Management Leadership & Supervisory Skills   16
Change Management8
Team Building 8
Business Communication: Business Writing 8
Negotiation Skills8
Management Communication: Communication Techniques 8
Conflict Management8
Meeting Skills 8
Management Information System8
Services Telephone Etiquette 8
Customer Service8
Call Center Training 16
Sales Skills8
Self-development Assertive skills 8
Stress management Stress Management8
Time Management Time Management8
Problem Solving Problem Solving8
Training and Development: Interpersonal Skills 8
Self-Performance management Self-Performance Management8
Train the Trainer (Facilitation Skills) 16