Excel Level 2


This course will teach you Level 2 Excel Skills aimed at corporate employees.

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Course Info

This course will teach you level 2 Excel skills.

Course Outline

Lesson 1 – Creating and Using Microsoft Excel Templates
Create a template from a worksheet
Save a template
Use a template
Edit a template
Explore and use Microsoft Office Online templates
Lesson 2 – Sorting and
Filtering Data
Sort data
Find data
Filter data
Conditional formatting
Incorporating conditional formatting and filters
Lesson 3 – Number
Crunching with Formulas and
Link workbooks
The IF function
The ROUND function
The VLOOKUP function
The NESTED IF function
The PMT function
The TODAY function
Lesson 4 – Showcase your Data Visually with Charts
Plan a chart
Modify a chart with chart tools
Create a pie chart
Advanced charting options
Chart templates
A few more chart types
Exporting an Excel chart to other Office applications